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Flash Movies (Latest First):
A short, rough flash movie I did as more of a learning experience than anything. I still think it turned out good.
Cable Modem
I get annoyed at the damn thing quite often.
The Plane of Mischief
My latest flash movie. Murobo makes a trip to the Plane of Mischief.
The Plane of Fear
Murobo takes a trip to the Plane of Fear.
Tavern Talk Episode 1
The First episode of Tavern Talk.
Old Flash movies in order they were made:
You have been summoned!
The Plane of Sky
Murobo and the Vampire Hunter 2
Murobo and the Vampire Hunter 1
EQMK2: Tasen's Test of Strength
EQMK2: Murobo Vs. Gaeyen
Loot Movie


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